Need an Idea for a Speech Topic?

by Peter Letzmann

Sometimes finding a topic is harder than writing or giving a speech! The best topics are often those that you already know well. Your familiarity with the topic will help make you more comfortable. Here are some ideas if you need help coming up with a speech topic.

  • Family Stories: Tell stories about holidays, vacations, celebrations, reunions, or anniversaries.
  • Firsts: What was your first job, apartment, house, trip, date, car, special event?
  • Practice Speeches: Giving a presentation? Practice on the club!
  • How “fix” the world: Persuade your audience with action – environmental, social, political issues at company, local, city, state, national or global levels.
  • Pet Peeves: What irritates or annoys you? Think humor!
  • Work: What is your history or what are you doing now or what do you hope to achieve?
  • Life Events: These important events that we remember like births, deaths, weddings, divorces, graduations, funerals, moves, or rituals.
  • Travel: What happened when you went on a trip for work or vacation?
  • Favorites or Dislikes: Do you have a love/hate list of things like an organization, relative, song/music, food, sport, hobby, book/author, movie, etc?
  • Best/Worst: Talk about the best of worst of any topic above.
  • Pets/Animals: Talk about your pets or animals you like or dislike.
  • Something you want to learn about: Perhaps you have always wanted to learn more about tarantulas or a bird that you see in your back yard.
  • Inspiration: Who inspires or motivates you?
  • Passion/Motivation: What are you passionate about or what motivates you?
  • Opinion Speech: Why you believe we should should not do or believe something (vote, recycle, etc.).
  • Get ideas from others: Something you overhear might be a good topic for a speech.
  • Current Topics: What are topics on current news sites or social media?
  • You: Everyone has a story to tell and you know your story better than anyone. Share your story!

You can turn any of these suggested topics into several speeches. Consider creating a longer speech and breaking it apart into 5-7 minute segments. As you give the smaller speeches you will build a longer presentation, seminar or workshop to share in your professional career.

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